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SUPERFIRE M6 High Power Flashlight
Super bright flashlight powerful torch 45W 3000lm LED High Beam Rechargeable Fishing Hunting Light led Flashlight
Light source P50*3
Brightness 3000Lumens
Power 45W
Material 6061-T6 aviation aluminum
Size 134*53*51mm
Power source 4*18650 3700mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
Net weight(no battery) 334g
Runtime 3.5H
Charging time 5H
Charging port Micro-USB
Distance 220M
Waterproof IP45
Modes 5modes(Low>Middle>High>Strobe>SOS)

SUPERFIRE M6 High Power Flashlight

The M6 flashlight is not your average light source. It features three P50 LEDs that provide a remarkable 3000 lumens of brightness and a lamp life that reaches an impressive 100,000 hours. This powerful torch is perfect for outdoor activities, fishing, hunting, and more.The M6 is powered by four 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries. In emergencies, you can use 1-3 of these batteries, offering versatility in different situations. The overall battery compartment design ensures a lightweight and comfortable grip.The flashlight's circuit warehouse is constructed with a 7cm aluminum rod, ensuring optimal heat dissipation for stable and consistent performance. Ventilation holes in the circuit board enhance heat dissipation, preventing overheating.The head of the flashlight features a stainless steel guard ring that safeguards the core components of the torch from damage. The M6 comes with a standard tripod stand port connection, allowing users to mount the flashlight on a tripod for camp lamp lighting or fixed illumination needs.The M6 offers five distinct lighting modes, including Low, Middle, High, Strobe, and SOS, ensuring that you have the right level of brightness for various scenarios.The flashlight is rechargeable via a Micro-USB port, making it convenient to power up when needed. With a runtime of 3.5 hours, it offers extended use between charges.










1.Powerful and Durable

2.Flexible Power Options

3.Efficient Heat Dissipation

4.Built to Last and Protect

5.Multipurpose Design

6.Five Lighting Modes

7.Rechargeable and Convenient

Light source: P50*3

Brightness: 3000Lumens

Power: 45W

Material: 6061-T6 aviation aluminum

Size: 134*53*51mm

Power source: 4*18650 3700mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery

Net weight(no battery): 334g

Runtime: 3.5H

Charging time: 5H

Charging port: Micro-USB

Distance: 220M

Waterproof: IP45

Modes: 5modes(Low>Middle>High>Strobe>SOS)

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