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Outshine the competition with a custom flashlight

We offer a one-stop service for custom flashlights. We can provide the perfect flashlight for your needs, whether that be LED flashlights, emergency lights, or promotional items. Our clients have experienced our unique customer service and quality products.


There is a lot that goes into building a custom flashlight. We offer customers of all shapes and sizes, budgets, and needs. From the flashlight's design to its features and light intensity, there are many ways to customize your own flashlight with a logo imprint or customized branding package.


Our flashlights offer the highest quality materials and are guaranteed to last. They are perfect for camping, hiking, or as an emergency light. If you're looking for a durable, high-quality product made with care, you're in the right place.

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More flashlight customization services:


Customized flashlight zoom function

The structure of the lamp head needs to be changed, which is more complicated, and there must be a suitable lens. For MOQ and sample fee, please contact the salesman for detailed information.


Customized flashlight power system structure

Adapter batteries for customized flashlights, only lithium batteries, only AA, AAA batteries, or compatible with both

The flashlight battery capacity can be customized, and batteries of different capacities can be configured according to customer needs

The flashlight charging method can be customized. It can be directly charged using the usb micro interface or the type-c interface, or it can be designed to take out the battery and use the battery charger to charge it.


Customized flashlight wick

The default wicks used by various products can be changed to CREE led wicks


Customized flashlight brightness

Changing the brightness can extend the life by reducing consumption or stimulate the maximum power to increase the brightness


Customized flashlight gear

To change the flashlight gear, you can choose one or more of these modes: Strong, Medium, Weak, Strobe, and SOS. Changing the gear requires changing the circuit and writing the program separately.


Custom flashlight appearance

Conventional shell colors such as black, orange, red, yellow, green, etc. can be made, or different materials can be used for the shell. For special shapes, you can contact the business for support.

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