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HL06 Sensor Infrared Headlamp
2020-10-10 15:36:00superfire

Brief Introduction about HL06 Sensor Headlamp

This little HL06 Infrared Sensor Headlamp is really powerful!  It has a really neat hands free feature that allows you to turn the light on and off with just a wave of your hand. This is great if, for instance, your hands are greasy and you need to keep turning and looking at someone and you don’t want to blind them. It easily removes from its headband and has a fold out stand so it can just sit on a table etc. 

1. USB Charging(Full Charge Time 3H)

It charges with a basic USB micro and comes with a cable. The light on high lasted about 150 mins on its original charge and took less than 3 hours to charge on my charger. Charging times will vary based on the charger, cable, etc. The hole for the charger has a rubber plug so I would guess that it's waterproof. 

2. Product Structure Modeling

Below struture picture shows how hl06 headlamp is made of led bulb, tpe headband, sensor switch button, usb charging port, etc. All designs depends on the users' experience and convenience, like ribbon adjusting buckle and sensor switch.

3. Control your Headlamps with Adjustable Lighting Molds

  • 1.Pressing the right button turns the light on to it's most recent type (white or red) at its brightest setting.

  • 2.Further short presses of that button cycle through from high, low and flashing, while a long press will switch back and forth from red light to white light.

  • 3.The left button will turn on the hands free feature. You can tell it's on because the button sort of lights up blue. If you wave your hand in front of the sensor it will turn on or off.

hl06 headlamp structure diagram

4. Chracteristic & Specification

Luemes: strong mode 355 lm, weak mode 120 lm

Wave sensor: 10 cm distance infrared sensor

Charging: charging by usb cable

Battery:1200 mAh high capacity for long time usage

Lighting modes: 3 modes for white light(strong/weak/SOS); 2 modes for red light(strong/SOS)

Weight: ultra-light 56 g (without batteries)

Conveniently: adjustable buckle

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