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Large light cup high power high brightness rechargeable headlamp
Brightness 2500Lumens
power source 36W
Material Aluminum alloy+ABS
Size 76*43*102MM
Net weight 295g
Runtime about 8.5H
Charging time about 7H
Distance 400M
Waterproof IP44
Charging port Type-C
Light color White light
Battery capacity 21700/2*4000mAh
Modes 5modes(Low Light-Medium Light-Strong Light-Strobe-Off)
  • 1. Four gear integration: weak medium and strong, free flash switch

  • 2. Adjustable loose band: easy to wear and comfortable to wear

  • 3. Adjustment of the angle of the headlight: Randomly adjustment at the angle of over 90 °, suitable for the use of each environment

  • 4. Type-C charging+demolition battery: convenient use, lasting battery life

  • 5. Power display: real -time electricity display, easily grasp the electricity, see it at a glance

  • 6. The battery warehouse special safety indicator light.

Brightness: 2500LM

power source:36W

Material:Aluminum alloy+ABS


Net weight:295g

Runtime: about 8.5H

Charging time:about 7H



Charging port:Type-C

light color: White light

Battery capabicity:21700/2*4000mAh

Modes:4modes(Low Light-Medium Light-Strong Light-Strobe-Off)

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