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SUPERFIRE Y5 Power Bank Flashlight
Power bank telescopic focus long-range flashlight
Brightness 1200Lumens
power source 20W
Material Aluminum Alloy
Size 163*52*52MM
Net weight 435g
Runtime about 7H
Charging time about 5.5H
Distance 800M
Waterproof IP44
Charging port Type-C
Battery capacity 18650/2500mAh*3
Modes 5modes(Low light-Medium light-Strong light-Strobe-SOS)

SUPERFIRE Y5 Long Range High Power Flashlight

This brand new long shot flashlight can reach 800m long shot,1200lm highlight,about 7h runtime.It has telescopic focus function by pushing with one hand to pull away,the size of the light spots is adjusted with one hand,which can be clearly illuminated from the distance.Type-c interface front and back blind insertion is more convenient,buy charging power should not exceed 5v/2a.The blue indicator lights flash one by one when charging and the 4 blue indicators are always on when fully charged.Usb discharge interface can be used as a power bank.When the battery is in an emergency, it can charge some low-voltage electronic products.

1.USB discharge interface use as a power bank:one light for multiple purposes

2.Tail light:Tail light button press to turn on or off the taillight

3.Telescopic focus:Switch on dual mode at will concentration mode and pan -light mode

4.Lasting battery life

5.800m long shot:clear long shot is more than this,high concentration light, piercing darkness,illuminance

6.Do not shoot directly

Brightness: 1200Lumens

power source: 20W

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Size: 163*52*52MM

Net weight: 435g

Runtime: about 7H

Charging time: about 5.5H

Distance: 800M

Waterproof: IP44

Charging port: Type-C

Battery capacity: 18650/2500mAh*3

Modes: 5modes(Low light-Medium light-Strong light-Strobe-SOS)

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